Flow, elasticity, parcels of space

Upward, downward and forward flows

Right-angled reliefs

These Ulligami formats generally do not entail a major pivot axis of rotation for the piece.

Locomotive on 3X3 Obloid
Locomotive on 3X3 Obloid


In this cinematic treatment, with a foreshortened perspective, smoke shoots aloft to the treetops as the engine speeds toward the camera. Accentuating the mobilization, the smoke is floating atop 3D prisms, while the narrow central gap in the circles suggest two quick frames taken in instantaneous succession. To exaggerate the animation:

Steam Loco - 3X3 Obloid

The GIF animation can capture horizontal, vertical or mixed rotations. Both are limited in comparison to actual binocular experience of the real models. For example, two GIFs of color swooshes (on a 5X5 Eck Cross Ullagami), and below it, two GIFs of a rock climber (on 5X5 Obloid Spiral Ullagami):

Color swooshes - vertical panvertical pivot

Swooshes on 5X5 Eck Cross - horizontal turn

horizontal pivot

Rock climber on 5X5 Obloid spiral - vertical pivot
Rock climber on 5X5 Obloid spiral – vertical pivot

Climbers on 5X5 Obloid spiral, H pivot



When one holds such models in one’s hands. the natural thing is to want move it every which way, to explore the emergent parcels of space and their mutual perspectives.

‘Zebra’s eye’ (on 7X7 Zigzag Ullagami) conjures free-form elastic the stripes like rubber bands projecting across the tops of a zigzag relief of delicate paper bands.

Zebra eye

Below is ‘Star Clipper’ (on 3X3 Obloid), as pictured from my precarious seat on top of the bowsprit (at the very front end of the ship). We were then under sail toward Grand Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The model’s setbacks seem to heighten the loftier upper sails.

Star Clipper - 3X3 Obloid

Star Clipper from bow


Here’s a pair of Olympic Ice skaters doing a very difficult thrown jump (also on 5X5 Obloid spiral Ullagami). She is smiling while spinning two meters up in midair !

Skate throw jump 5X5 Obloid Spiral
Pairs event skaters do a throw jump – 5X5  Obloid Spiral Ullagami
Woman rocky perch
Emma in Italy – 9X9 Obloid Zigzag Ullagami


Original photo

Here is a landscape, shown both right side out and inside out. The photo was taken on a country lane in the fall. Although the normally folded piece is the more sculptural, the inversion piece opens up inwardly, orienting the beholder within it, and confronting more active folks with a challenging hike. 

Orange trees 7X7 Spiral + fold
Lane in Fall on 7X7 Spiral Ullagami – normal folding
Orange Trees 7X7 Spriral -Fold
Lane on 7X7 Spiral Ullagami – inverted folding
Ornage symmetric tree road Japan
Photo found on Pinterest

The next piece is reverse-folded, and like that above, although it is less  sculptural, this inversion piece opens up inwardly, orienting the beholder within its spaces. 

Antelope Canyon, UT - KopiSusu - inverse fold

The Wave Utah
The Wave, Utah

Obliquely tessellated reliefs – Torsion Ullagamis

The following pieces are photo transformations into the Torsion series. 

Very gentle seepage of seawater is implied by elevation with the Torsion 5 Ullagami. The photo is of my partner Betsy’s feet once seen on Cannon Beach in Oregon (the shiny blob is a jellyfish):

Feet On Beach - Torsion 3
Betsy’s feet – Torsion 5 Ullagami


Torsion 5 Ullagami
Stamps 1 Torsion 3
Hearts and Minds. Custom rubber stamps on Torsion 5 Ullagami

Here is a photo of the Potomac River near my Maryland home. The scene is colonial era fish ladder built in a side channel. I rotated and mirrored Guy Petzall’s Torsion 3 Ullagami,  to align it to the flow of the current, which gushes forward.

Potomac River Chute - Torsion 3
Potomac River on Torsion 3 Ullagami
Torsion 3 Ullagami
Rock Climber v2 Torsion 3
Photo credit: climbing-beauty.tumblr.com on Vexilloid Ullagami

GIFs were made by me using the program, Webrotate 360 SpotEditor, available for free at http://www.webrotate360.com/360-product-viewer.html

All Ullagami patterns used were purchased at Guy Petzall’s Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ullagami

All works shown are © William James, 2015.. Creative Commons License Type BY  Attribution

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